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History of Student Architectural Workshop

The Student Architectural Workshop is an annual event and a tradition to all architecture students from the institutes of higher learning in Malaysia. Started in the year 1986, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia has been the first organizer and pioneer of this event. It was then participated by representatives from UTM, ITM, USM, and National University of Singapore (NUS), and later on including architecture students from politechnics and private institutions. Being the host of the event for several years; 1986, 1989, 1992, 1996, 2000, Architectural Workshop XIX will be held in UTM again in the incoming year of 2006.

This event was inspired by UTM lecturers and supported by the Malaysia Institute of Architects (PAM). The idea derived from the realization of the importance of having an agreeable thought on the country’s future built environment. At the same time, the survey of the accomplishment and the academic development of the participating schools can be done through design competitions and forums.

The architectural workshop is a point of gathering where different schools of thoughts come together to achieve a main goal: to interact and exchange ideas.

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